Prostitution : men’s word, with subtitles

About Men’s Word on prostitution

(work in progress … 😉 )

Christian, 23, forwarding merchant, single
« Why I pay for sex?

No, man, you do not “pay for sex”,
you rape and then you pay your crime :
whitening of a crime and pure sadism.

« Women are often a pain in the ass.
« They stress me when I haven’t got enough time for them.

Oh, poor capricious despot,
you do not have time for her “consent” … even less for her “desire”…

« If I want to fuck I go here – and I leave. That’s it. A girlfriend often bores me after a short time.

Capricious Despot said :
« Oh, these boring humans who want something I don’t want to give them:
human relation, presence, even love!
I want something cool, I refuse any warmth … too alive, not under control

« And to pay for sex has that certain something.
You own the woman.
You can do want you want with her ».

That is power.

No comment … … …

I come to the brothel every six weeks. I like it a bit harder no vanilla sex.

Capricious Despot said :
« Yeah….. I love when it hurts, something cool, cold, why not brutal,
in order to teach you a few simple things about male supremacy:
Your pain is my pleasure
Your humiliation is my triumph
Your disgusts arouses me
And because your powerlessness is eroticized as femininity
I love being a Man
A real man ».


Dung, 28, junior manager of a restaurant, single

“A date means a lot of stress and time.

Yes, all this waste of time and energy
to build a relation with another human …
fortunately, with women, it’s easy
I know all the tricks to create traumatic-bonding
smile, words, muscles, etc.
But here, they are just useless
Money and men around her are enough to trap her.

“In a brothel everything is more relaxed no lies and no illusions.
I can speak honestly”

Capricious Despot is direct –
He would say “honest” –
because he has to be productive.
Always remember men’s motto :
I can’t lose time or energy
to be human with subhuman beings
I have to be a Man with women
time is rape-affair
energy is power over them.

“I don’t hurt anybody. I like women with black hair and brown eyes but no Asian women. I don’t like them at all. There must be a kind of sympathy between me and the woman then she also likes it.”

Capricious Despot said:
“I’m racist
against my own people –
but women are never part of it.
I don’t give a damn about what she likes
Because, when I like her, she also like it
… you know, sympathy is something important for me …

“Sometimes they look at their watch when you enter the room then you are often fed up.”

Capricious Despot said
“Oh I can’t bear this subhuman being
I come here to rape and humiliate her
but she doesn’t smile !
How dare you ? I pay for your smile!
I want you to believe that you really want your own destruction
And I pay men’s system
to be a god and a saintly devil
You must give me proofs of that!”


Kai, 49, bank employee, divorced, 2 children

“Why I go the brothel? I would never get women like these here.

Yes, prostitution is such a miracle !
If you are old
you get deprived children and young women
if you are ugly
you get cheerful thin starved women
If you are a poor worker
You get poorer women –
Remember, male supremacy has one economic rule:
the poorest man has always enough money or resource
to rape a women
that’s why men keep women poorer than them –
If you come from an oppressed community
You can take your revenge over oppressor’s women –
Remember, rape-trade has two colonial logics:
1) Men rape all women, and share them to all men :
between men, they create fraternity or solve hostility;
against women, they set up terror:
they “protect” a few of them, to create Stockholm syndrome and traumatic-bonding
and they destroy all the others, by colonial revenge or male sexual colonization.
2) No man can be treated like a woman
So no colonized “people” (men) can be destroyed as much as women are colonized by their masters.

“And I can overstep the limits here.

Those terrible limits to men’s violence fantasy
set up by men’s violence laws

“For example anal intercourse »

mmm… this deep invasion
this painful punishment
for being a woman
in a millenary world where the masters reign supreme over us with their scepter

“I wouldn’t have the heart to ask a normal woman to do it. »

Capricious Despot said
“Yeh, I know it’s a painful pounding
a pure humiliation
As a man, I wouldn’t bear this
But I ask only women to endure it
Some of them, probably prudish
refuse it, I wonder why
Fortunately, prostitution exists, and creates the “prostitute”,
this abnormal human who accepts normal acts”.

“Costs 100 Euros extra”.

The difference between straight rape and overstepped rape
is 100 Euros

“Since three years I have sex with the same woman twice a month”.

Capricious Despot said
“I’m a real Man
for years, I treat a human like three holes, a prepunched target …
I love talking to a woman who agrees with me
because I have the money she needs or I can punish her”.

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