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Speeches :


Andrea Dworkin Commemorative Conference

The Centre for the Study of Social Justice (CSSJ) and Dr Clare Chambers organised a one-day conference to commemorate the work of Andrea Dworkin. It was held in the Department of Politics and International Relations on Friday, 7 April 2006.

Hommage par Catharine MacKinnon

Hommage par Sheila Jeffreys

Hommage par Julie Bindel


Transcripts :

Catharine MacKinnon at the Andrea Dworkin Commemorative Conference

Sheila Jeffreys speaks on Woman Hating, Andrea Dworkin, commemorative conference, 2006

Julie Bindel, Myths about Andrea Dworkin, Commemorative Conference, 2006

Finn Mackay, Andrea Dworkin Commemorative Conference, 2006


Andrea Dworkin’s Keynote Speech at a January 1985 Pornography Awareness conference at Duke University, Durham, North Carolina. (1 hour).

transcription : Andrea Dworkin, Keynote Speech, 1985

Testimony of Andrea Dworkin, Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography, New York City Hearings, January 22, 1986. Pornography Is a Civil Rights Issue is the written transcript for this speech. This speech appears in the US edition of Letters From a War Zone, pages 276-307.


Rebecca Whisnant.

Transcript.Rebecca Whisnant, Contempory feminism in a porn culture


Sheila Jeffreys on TransGenderism, transcript of Meghan Murphy


Reclaim The Night, 2009


Transcript : Finn MacKay, Reclaim the Night, 2009



Transcript : Finn MacKay, Reclaim the Night, 2008


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