Let’s de-colonize our lives, close the borders of our being to the enemy !

1) Intercourse is made under conditions of fear, inequality, so « consent » is surrender.

2) Men as a dominant class created a sexual organ in women in order to colonize them : the vagina. This organ is, biologically, a reproductive organ. Its purpose is not to be penetrated nor to be a sexual toy for men. But men turned it into a sexual organ. They created it by systematic rape. So physical invasion, which includes pain, risk of pregnency, higher risk of HIV and Deadly disease, became :a) in traditional countries, duty, and b) in post-Sade’s-Turn countries, entertainment, fun, pleasure … all that « necessary », « natural » … and sadistic « sexuality » that men imposed to women.

Men creat intercourse as a compulsive entertainment. And they increase the risks for women. AIDS-infected men wittingly rape girls, all over the world, to « clean » themselves. Men refuse to put condom to invade prostituted women, because they want to reign supreme over them, and to fantasize about making her pregnant. Men marry or invade many women at the same time, in many societies. So They inoculate the disease we have.

Men don’t invade us only by the vagina, but also by the mouth and the anus. So they « opened » 3 gates in our being, like soldiers colonize a country by building maritime settlements : they first create a breach in the physical integrity, in order to desorganise and put under control.

Remember how they call this gates : holes. Why our organs are holes for them ? because they pound them over and over again.

Let’s de-colonize our lives, close the borders of our being to the enemy !

We must de-colonize our own mind and body from this practice (even between women) because it is created and organized by men to destroy our integrity. And most of all, I think that we can’t redefine rape if we do not stop any kind of violation. « Consent » is not a
feminist issue. « Desire » is a big problem in a sadistic societies where cultural standards lead us to eroticize our own destruction. To define rape, I’d rather talk about « violation » : a penis has nothing to do in a vagina if it’s not for procreation. It has nothing to do in a mouth or in an anus !

It would solve the problem of unwanted pregnancy and abortion. It will solve the problem of dramatic intoxication of women by control pills.

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