“In prostitution, the problem is that money is more important than women“ … he says

“In prostitution, the problem is that money is more important than women »…

I hear that a lot. I think it’s a lie.
Men who condemn prostitution repeat that, to deny something else … a hidden agenda of their violence:

The fact is that men get pleasure from destroying women, and this pleasure is sexual.
And prostitution (indissociable from pornography) reveals that secret : destroying women brings pleasure to men, and this is what they experience as « sexuality ». And they call prostitution « a form of sexuality » because they know that it brings them that same sadistic pleasure.

They can even pay for it. And they can even sell it to other men as one of the most valuable commodities in the world (prostitution is one of the biggest business, just after arms business).

Men want us to believe that they are emotional autists. In order to deny their responsability for their sexual violence. Indeed, to them, prostitution is paying for harmless masturbation … but in fact, they pay for the right to deny the autonomous existence or desire of a woman. Pure violence.

The fact is that men are not emotionally crippled. They are admittedly turned into sexist robots who must destroy any form of empathy for women and victims … but they are still more interested in human relations than in fetishised objects (like money).

Sadism guides them in destroying us. Both cynicism and sadism in prostitution. Because being venal, cynical or keeping a cool face in front of the agony of women is not a fortuitous act … It’s an act directed against the victim. Coldness and indifference to suffering is sadism: it’s showing their victims that she doesn’t even deserve to be killed as a human: with rage, for something that matters. Acting with coldness while they’re raping or torturing their victim is part of their strategy to destroy her. It’s an intentional act of torture, to deny the victim’s existence and suffering while he’s doing it to her. Executing an order or a person with coldness, and for absurd reasons, is an intentional act of torture and dehumanization of the victim.

So to conclude …
In prostitution, male sadism is more important than money.
But remember : in patriarchy, destroying women makes money. Male sadism is profitable. 
So prostitution is the collusion between those two fondamental aims of male supremacy.
And women who fight back against pimps, johns or men on the left who defend men’s « liberty » to destroy women, reveal that without ambiguity.
So men on the left, who want to manage revolution with or without us, won’t go back on their lies.


* merci à Anbi Lo pour la relecture.

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